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General Playing Rules

General Playing Rules for Showcase weekend: 

4 showcase games  

  • 1 hour 15 minutes, finish the inning.

  • Free defensive and courtesy runners for pitcher/catcher (farthest away or sub), you must keep the integrity of the lineup

  • You do not need to turn a lineup in to the umpires before game.

  • Run rule will be 8 after 5. 

  • All scores will be reported as is, at the completion of innings. NO REVERT back rule

  • Coin flip will determine the home team

  • Game balls are provided

  • Pool Games can end in a tie

Bracket Games

  • Top 2 finishers in each pool will move on to bracket play. (if a pool has more than 5 teams, an extra bracket berth may be given. 

  • Same rules apply as in the Showcase Games.

  • Must have a winner.

  • Higher seed has choice of visitors or home team. In the event that two teams are the same seed, then there will be a coin flip. 

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